No second chance for students who got refusal in the first interview

Donald L Heflin, the Minister Counsellor, has announced in a live chat on Facebook regarding the non-immigrant visas. Heflin talked about the F-1 student visas from India. The minister said that there is a good chance for the approval of the F-1 student visa this year.

If the visa has been refused in the first interview, there are chances that in the second or third slots also there can be a refusal. According to a new policy, applicants who are refused will not be given a chance to attend the interview for the second or third time.

This will help the fresh applicants who are going to attend the interview for the first time to get a chance to study in US. The visa interviews were started very late last summer. Due to COVID-19 wave, students who received I-20 documents waited for the interviews.

This year, the interviews started in May, and it has been estimated that more student visas will be issued. Last year, 62,000 student visas will be issued. Students who were refused for two or three times also have plans to apply for the visa again. But no chance will be given to them this year.

He also made an announcement about the opening of H and L categories of visas for which there is no requirement of any interviews. On September 1 this year, B1 and B2 visas interview will also get started for the applicants who are applying for the first time. US embassy has an expectation that 80,000 visas will be issued from India over the next year. It will reach up to 100 percent by the middle of 2023.

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