Quebec to offer open work permits to immigration candidates with Quebec selection certificates

While waiting for the decision about the permanent residency from Ottawa, the skilled foreign workers with Quebec Selection Certificates Quebec are free to work with the given work permits provided in the next few weeks.

In the extended International Mobility Program category, dubbed IMP+, in Quebec, 7,000 skilled employees receive work permits from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) yearly. They will be allowed to work during the final process of their permanent residency.

All the labor shortages will be addressed by immigration to Quebec.

Quebec is looking up to IMP+ to help meet the growing competition of the severe job shortages in multiple sectors and build the province’s economy.

Quebec is about to begin releasing multiple employees from performing the Labour Market Impact Assessments to provide jobs to temporary employees in the quick foreign worker program category.

The must-do things by the employers in Quebec are to pick up a tab on the flight tickets, coverage of health insurance, and provide accommodation for all the workers that they recruit in the category of simplified. This new procedure is yet to be started on May 24th.

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“These steps are a result of a settlement made on August 4th, 2021, between Quebec and Ottawa to fasten the arrival of the employees as to encourage and build the businesses facing challenges in terms of recruitment,” stated Jean Boulet the Provincial Immigration Minister.

“Thanks to these measures that are considered to help welcome the skilled foreign workers quickly. There will be a sign of relief for the employers who are striving to catch up to the employment needs, given the present shortage for labors.”

The IMP+ aims at both:

  • Workers from a high-end economic category with experience or occupation with the shortage of labor, and;
  • The workers who got selected in a particular job sector in Quebec have been accepted by the Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration (MIFI).

Employers in Canada are permitted to provide work to foreigners based on a Canadian work permit without the necessity of a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which is under the International Mobility Program.

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Simplified procedures and multiple doorways for the employers

In November 2021, Quebec declared and promised more accessible procedures for the employers to provide jobs to foreign workers with plenty of employment opportunities with the help of TFWP and official lists of professions it delivered to the Quebec government to be applicable for:

  • More effortless work permit procedure;
  • Exception from recruitment and posting efforts, and;
  • Multiplying the limits of TFWs based on different workplaces

The most important professions are retail trade, catering, and accommodation, followed by new rules where the labor shortages are the finest.

“The compromised flexibilities will permit many of the organizations to gain worker reinforcement and respect the workers’ rights,” mentioned the department of Quebec immigration department.

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