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The European Union (EU) is political and economic union consist of all European nations. EU Union allows free to live and work in any EU member countries. Europe is the land of all Engineers, technicians, Health professionals and other professional Non- EU national job seekers who wish to live and work in European countries such as Poland, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Denmark and many more European countries. Working in Europe can allow you to enjoy rich culture, travel extensively and gain broader work experience.

We at M-J Global currently assist in provide jobs under labour category for Portugal, Poland, Hungary and Lithuania

Job Vacancies

Portugal: Fruit Picker

Lithuania, Poland and Hungary: Construction Worker ( Electrician, Production worker, Helper, Plumber, Mason, Carpenter, welder, crane operator, factory worker and so on)

How can we help you?

  • Comprehensive and Constructive case assessment
  • Approach to employers and recruitment companies
  • Job profile advertisement
  • Arrangement of Job offer
  • Documents preparation
  • Legal representation to Government Authorities
  • Brief pre-departure session

To check your eligibility, just call now or send enquiry to, one of our Immigration consultant will assist you with the FREE Assessment. Being your research into European work from your home country and arrange your work permit.

Requirements for a successful application

  • Spoken English
  • Salary Statement of bank (Mandatory for Hungary and Lithuania)
  • Work Experience letter from current employer (Mandatory for Hungary, Lithuania)
  • NO IELTS Requirement
  • NO minimum experience requirement
 Which countries are easy to get a work visa?
  • A Work Visa is essentially a work permit that allows you to enter a foreign country and legally work there for a certain period of time.
  • Different countries have different eligibility requirements and procedures for a Work Permit.
  • Some countries require you to have a job offer in the country before you can apply for a Work Visa. You are also required to be sponsored by the Company which has given you the job offer.
  • Some countries allow you to enter on a Tourist or Business Visa. You may then apply for a Work Visa once you have obtained a job offer in the country.
  • Again, there are certain countries which allow you to apply for a Job-Seeker Visa. You may enter the country on this and then apply for a Work Visa once you get a job offer.
  • Thus, it is not possible to point out the countries where it is “easy” to get a Work Visa.
  • The ease of getting a Work Visa depends on a number of conditions like the country, eligibility requirements etc.
  • If you meet all the eligibility requirements of the Work Visa of a particular country, then you may be able to obtain a Work Visa.


Do you want to build a career and life abroad? As one of the world’s leading overseas career specialists and a leading work visa agent, M-J Global has helped thousands of individuals and families settle in the world’s most liveable countries. We’ve seen firsthand how moving abroad can dramatically improve not just the migrant’s life but that of their family and parents. With our comprehensive overseas career solutions, we are the #1 choice for professionals seeking to work abroad.


Working abroad can dramatically transform your life and career. Working in a foreign country would surely require you to acquire new abilities. You will learn new soft skills, such as communication and networking, as well as new technical skills at your new career abroad. After all, navigating a new location without knowing the language requires resourcefulness, and working in an international team will improve your communication skills.

Working overseas also gives you the opportunity to learn a foreign language. This will not only help you in your work but also make living abroad easier for you. Besides this, your new language skills will have a positive impact on your career.

Working in a foreign country is a fantastic way to broaden your personal and professional network. Working in another country exposes you to fresh opportunities because you will be collaborating with locals and expats from other countries. You will also develop friendships with people from various walks of life, some of which will last a lifetime.

Having an international assignment on your resume may help you find work in the future. In recruiting, talent mobility is a hot topic, and an increasing proportion of future professions will necessitate foreign travel. Working overseas will demonstrate your flexibility and independence, as well as make your resume stand out from the crowd. Additionally, any other talents you acquire while abroad, such as language skills, will enhance your resumé.

Working abroad is the perfect option for you if you plan to:

  • Grow your career and have international mobility
  • Earn dollar salaries leading to higher saving
  • Live in well-developed countries
  • Have access to world-class education & healthcare
  • Gain access to citizen benefits
  • Get a powerful passport that facilitates international travel
  • Transform your family’s life


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