Canada is a nation in North America that stretches from the southern U.S. to the northern Arctic Circle. Major cities include the sprawling Toronto, the west coast film hub Vancouver, the bilingual French metropolis of Montreal and Quebec City, and the nation’s capital Ottawa. The Rocky Mountains’ lake-filled Banff National Park is one of Canada’s huge wilderness areas. It’s also home to Niagara Falls, a famous group of massive waterfalls.

37.06 Million (2018)
Canadian Dollar
$ 20.50 Trillion
Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and more..

British Colombia Business Immigration

British Columbia operates three business streams:

  • Entrepreneur Immigration
  • Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot
  • Entrepreneur Immigration – Strategic Projects

Entrepreneur Immigration


  • Establish an eligible new business or purchase and improve an existing business in B.C.
  • Investment of a minimum of $200,000 in the new or existing business.
  • Create at least one new full-time job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Net worth of minimum of $600,000.
  • Canadian Language Benchmark Level 4 In English or French in each of the four competencies: listening, speaking, reading and writing, BY THE
  • Business and/or management experience.
  • Have, or be eligible for, legal immigration status in Canada.
  • Have been lawfully admitted in the country where you currently reside.
  • Pay a $300 registration fee, $3,500 application fee and $1,000 fee for each key staff application.


1. Registration

Online registration is required, along with the $300 non-refundable registration fee and a concise business plan. Candidates are scored after being assessed based on the information they provide, added to a pool, and kept there for six months, 180 days, or until they receive an invitation.

2. Invitation

Regular draws are held in British Columbia, typically one for the Entrepreneur stream per month. After being invited to apply, you have four months to submit a complete application. The score is based on a number of characteristics, including age, job history in Canada, and English language competency. Candidates can improve their score while still in the pool by, for instance, presenting a novel business concept.

3. Net Worth Review

Candidates who are extended an invitation to apply will have their net worth evaluated by a qualified provider, a licensed professional chartered accountant. The amount, the financing source, and any accompanying documentation are all considered in the review. The contestant is accountable for all costs.

4. Application

Once they receive an invitation, candidates have four months, or 120 days, to submit an application. Candidates might need to show up for an interview. Those that are accepted must sign a performance contract with BC. After that, they have 610 days, or 20 months, to put their business plan into action.

5. Building the Business

In order to apply for a two-year work visa with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, candidates receive a letter of support from British Columbia. Within 12 months, or 365 days, of receiving a letter of confirmation, candidates and any dependents must travel to British Columbia with a valid work permit. When the candidate arrives, the 20-month implementation period for the business begins. Candidates are required to provide a final report to the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

6. Nomination for Permanent Residence

Candidates who meet the terms of their performance agreement are nominated for Canadian permanent residence by B.C.
Dependents (if applicable) will also receive nominations.

B.C. Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot

The British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot aims to attract entrepreneurs to rural parts of the province.
It was initially opened in 2019 as a two-year pilot but has since been extended until 2024.
The Regional Pilot is only for entrepreneurs wishing to start a new business. Those wishing to purchase an existing business should consider B.S.’s main Entrepreneur Immigration stream.

Key Features

1. Community Involvement

Participation communities are actively involved in attracting foreign entrepreneurs and helping them settle after arrival.

2. BC PNP Referrals

Communities can refer foreign entrepreneurs to the BC PNP. The candidates must have visited the community and have a business proposal aligned with its economic priorities.

3. Community Concierge

Participating communities have access to the services of a dedicated BC PNP Community Concierge.

4. Invitations and Prioritization

Referred candidates register is a separate BC PNP pool. Monthly invitations are issued to the best scoring candidates. Those invited received priority processing.

Community Requirements

  • The population of less than 75,000.
  • Located 30km from a municipality of more than 75,000 population.
  • Demonstrated capacity to support foreign entrepreneurs with a network of settlement and business support agencies.
  • Immigration and pilot-specific training must be completed by community representatives.

Candidate Requirements

  • Desire to start a business and settle in a B.C. regional community.
  • Complete an exploratory visit.
  • Minimum of $100,000 in eligible business investments.
  • Minimum personal net worth of $300,000.
  • Minimum of 51 percent ownership.
  • Minimum of one new job created.
  • Canadian Language Benchmark Level 4 In English or French in each of the four competencies: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

B.C. Entrepreneur Immigration – Strategic Projects

With the timely admission of foreign key managerial, professional, or technical employees who aspire to become permanent residents of Canada and settle in British Columbia, the B.C. Entrepreneur Immigration – Strategic Projects stream enables foreign-controlled enterprises establishing an eligible business in B.C.

Company Requirements

  • Make a minimum equity investment of $500,000 to establish or purchase and expand an eligible business in B.C.
  • Create at least three new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents for each foreign key staff member proposed
  • (to a maximum of five key staff).
  • Establish or purchase and expand a company in B.C.

Application Process

1. Exploratory visit
2. Discuss the proposal with BC PNP officials and register the company’s interest to apply
3. Apply


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