5 Different Ways You Can Apply For Canadian Immigration

Are you thinking about moving to Canada? But don’t know where to start? There are numerous Canadian immigration programs for individuals to get a visa and live there permanently. However, because these programs have specific requirements, it’s important to understand which one would be best for you. This blog can help make the process easier.

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What Are the Different Canadian Immigration Programs?

In this blog, you will find the programs that are available and the documents that are required for you to be able to apply. We will also determine the eligibility criteria, along with a quick view of the steps that you would have to take.

Documents verifying language tests, medical exams, and education are important aspects that vary but are common to most programs. Some of the programs that we will see are-

  1. Express Entry Canada Program
  2. Start-up Visa Program
  3. The Atlantic Immigration Program
  4. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  5. The Student Visa Canada

Express Entry Canada Program

This is a federal program of Canada Immigration that uses a points-based ranking system to determine which individuals are eligible to apply for residency through permanent residence application. Only individuals who meet the criteria for this program are invited to apply. The number of applications that are accepted in a year has no limit. The number of applications accepted usually depends on the yearly immigration levels of Canada.

Points-based ranking ✔️
Online application ✔️
Application period Not Set
Processing period Less than a year
Who can apply?
  1. Skilled workers
  2. People with Canadian work experience
  3. Individuals who want to start a business in Canada
Documents required
  1. Language test results
  2. Educational assessment report
  3. Proof of funds
  4. Police Certificate
  5. Medical Results


Start-up Visa Program

For creative entrepreneurs, Canada has a one-of-a-kind Visa program that invites them to start a business in Canada. There are a few conditions that you have to keep in mind before you consider them. You would have to prove that you are innovative and that your venture would be able to create job opportunities for Canadians. Your venture should also be able to compete internationally.

The first step to applying for this program would be to get the support of at least one or more designated organizations. The ones who agree will provide you with a Letter of Support. And this would open the gates to you starting your own business in Canada!

Minimum investment
  1. $200,000- From designated Canadian venture capital fund


  1. $75,000- From designated Canadian angel investor group
Online application ✔️
Application period Not Set
Processing period Varied
  1. Own a qualifying business
  2. Letter of support from a designated organization
  3. Language
  4. Have funds to live in Canada before you earn from your business
Documents required
  1. Submit Biometrics
  2. Medical exam result
  3. Police certificate

The Atlantic Immigration Program

This a program for skilled foreign workers and international graduates from Canadian institutions to get permanent residence. This program is for those who want to live and work in one of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada such as New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island or Newfoundland, and Labrador.

The program helps employers hire qualified candidates for jobs they haven’t been able to fill locally. This is also one of the employer-driven programs of Canadian Immigration. There are different categories you can apply under, take a look here.


Points-based ranking
Online application ✔️
Application period Not Set
Processing period Varied
  1. Job offer from a designated employer in Atlantic Canada
  2. Graduated from a post-secondary institution in Atlantic Canada


  1. A skilled worker


Documents required
  1. Language test
  2. Educational credential assessment
  3. Proof of funds
  4. Settlement plan
  5. Certificate of Endorsement


Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

If you have a particular Canadian Province in mind, then this will be the right program for you. With the PNP, you get nominated by Provinces and Territories to receive permanent residence, if your application is selected. There are many different categories of PNP programs and many ways you can apply. M-J Global has been assisting individuals to apply for this program for the last few years.

Each province and territory will have a ‘stream’ which is a group of immigrants who are the targets. These targetted groups will be given preference for eligibility. More information about how you can qualify and apply for this program is here

Points-based ranking ✔️
Online application ✔️ Multiple ways to apply
Application period Not set
Processing period Varied
  1. You are in the targetted stream
  2. Skilled worker
  3. Education and work experience
  4. Wish to live in a particular province
  5. Wish to gain permanent residency
Documents required Depends on the mode of application

Student Visa Canada

This is a topic that requires a blog of its own, but we’ll try and make it easier for you. Since there is a huge number of programs, schools, and provinces that you can choose from, the wisest thing you can do is get in touch with a good educational consultant. They will help you narrow down all the options that would suit you the best.

M-J Global is one such consultant and this is something we do for all our aspiring student clients. We understand that this is a huge step for you, not just financially, but emotionally as well.

If you have qualms about moving to a foreign place and starting life as a student in a system that is probably alien to you then this handy website by the Canadian Government will be useful. It has a comprehensive list and information about everything that you will need in making your decision.

A part of your decision-making will involve comparing the schools that have been shortlisted by you, make sure you take your time. This will majorly help you with shortlisting the schools and courses that you like or even crosschecking information based on the lists that a consultant may provide.

On the whole, applying for student visas is not a tough process if you have all the right documents, educational background, and finances (in some cases). Studying in Canada will be an experience of a lifetime. But this is not something we need to tell you when you can experience it!

We hope you find this blog helpful, you can always reach out to us at M-J Global for any help or assistance with immigration. It is can be a tiring and tedious process, but with us, we make sure that it isn’t.


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