Skilled Indians have a 90 year wait for green cards, the Jumpstart Bill seeks to resolve this
The US attempts to clear backlogs for the 'green card' visa for immigrant residents, especially Indians. Currently, the green card eligible Indian Immigrants in the US are waiting for an available VISA number can apply for it by paying a fee. ... Read Full
Record-Breaking job vacancies in Q4, Canada looking to fill 920,000 jobs
The number of jobs in Canada are incomparable to the pre-COVID job requirements, and employers find it challenging to choose employees who fit incorrectly in multiple sectors. ... Read Full
Quebec to offer open work permits to immigration candidates with Quebec selection certificates
While waiting for the decision about the permanent residency from Ottawa, the skilled foreign workers with Quebec Selection Certificates Quebec are free to work with the given work permits provided in the next few weeks. ... Read Full
No second chance for students who got refusal in the first interview
Donald L Heflin, the Minister Counsellor, has announced in a live chat on Facebook regarding the non-immigrant visas. Heflin talked about the F-1 student visas from India. The minister said that there is a good chance for the approval of the F-1 student visa this year. ... Read Full
Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program
One of the three prairie provinces of Canada, Manitoba is situated at the heart of Canada. Bordering Saskatchewan to the west, Ontario to the east, Nunavut and Hudson Bay to the north, Manitoba is home to the fifth-largest population cohort in the country. Manitoba's economy primarily consists of agriculture, tourism, hydrogel projects, oil and natural gas, and mining. ... Read Full
Manitoba allocates $5 Million for immigration in 2022
Manitoba is one of the 12th largest provinces in Canada. It is also known for its high production of Sunflowers seeds, dry beans, and potatoes. 40% of Manitoba is covered with forests. ... Read Full
Indians bagged 3.01 lakh H-1B visas, most by any country
The US DHS has released a report in which it has been stated that individuals born in India are able to obtain a significant amount of H-1B visas. These visas were allotted in the fiscal year of 2021.USCIS has approved 4.07 lakhs H-1B visa applications, and this figure was less than that of the previous year. In the previous fiscal year, the count was 4.26 lakhs. ... Read Full
H-1B registrations increased by 57% to reach 483,000 in 2023
USCIS has received H-1B visa cap registrations, and the number has gone up to 483,927. The cap is ending on September 30, 2023. The number of registration cap shows that there is an approximate increase of 57 percent in the fiscal filling season of 2022. ... Read Full
Exemption given to Permanent Residents and International Students from two-year ban of Foreign Buyer
Canada has planned a two-year ban on the investors regarding purchasing a house in the country. But permanent residents and international students will be exempted from this ban. Chrystia Freeland has revealed the strategy of Ottawa. The finance minister said that house prices will keep rising high so that working-class people and young Canadians can be kept out of this real estate market. ... Read Full
Canada’s new budget and its impact on immigration
Chrystia Freeland, the Finance Minister of Canada, has issued the first budget in which there are plans to spend revenue. Federal announcements have been made by the federal government each year which provides the details regarding the economic and fiscal health of Canada. ... Read Full
Canada records lowest unemployment in 50 years
Canada is now one of the topmost countries to employ immigrants. There has been a historic drop in unemployment rate, which is growing much faster than the Canadian population. ... Read Full
Canada Immigration
Since you are reading this, we take that you consider immigrating to Canada sometime in the future. Consider this article as a primer. By the time you finish reading this, you will gain knowledge and an overview of the different avenues for immigrating to Canada. ... Read Full
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